Florida Room

Concept for the Florida Room

When is a natural disaster and termite infestation an opportunity? When the designer can demolish, guilt-free, an earlier remodel, that was comfortable, but with limited functionality and aesthetics. Unfortunately the best space in the house was not living up to its potential!

This large Florida Room (almost 1000 square feet), with a beautiful lake view and scenic wildlife (including alligators!), is part of a 1980s home. Creating an “Old Florida Cottage” vibe, that supports a variety of activities, was the goal, utilizing Universal Design principals. The design is functional and inclusive, while the aesthetics are on trend, yet timeless, meeting the needs of the client, medically defined a quadriplegic, restricted to a power chair. This is a beautiful, accessible, functional, flexible, adaptable, comfortable, warm, and welcoming space for all!

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