Dr Sandra Oltmanns had been involved in spectacular interior design practice, teaching and research for a number of years. When Sandra’s late husband began to use a power chair (he used a power chair for six years), this amplified her interest in focusing her design practice on designing for an aging population, accessible design, universal design, aging-in-place, and ADA compliance, which resulted in establishing an interior design consulting firm, helping people make their homes work for them and allowing them to “thrive in place.”

Beautifully Accessible, Inc. was established in 2016, after the death of Sandra’s husband. Her husband was a great design partner with the ability to articulate and advocate for client needs. He also utilized and critiqued the various designs and design prototypes providing invaluable feedback to improve the designs. Collaboration with the user continues to be at the core of the firm’s practice.

Design Philosophy

Interior design can be accessible, functional, and beautiful.

Mission Statement

Enriching people’s lives through designing spaces for thriving-in-place.

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